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Do you know about A ROCHA?

A Rocha UK is a Christian charity working for the protection of the natural world. They do this by practical involvement in conservation projects in many parts of the world. I am a keen supporter of their work and believe in what they stand for. The editor of their magazine has been kind enough to include some of my photos in recent A ROCHA magazines "Root and Branch" such as this Bumblebee image.

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Events in 2018

Though many of my talks are given to private clubs and organisations, I do give talks which are more "public" so keep your eyes on this item! Most recently, in January 2018, I talked to the Central Bristol U3A - on Wildlife Conservation - an encouraging meeting with about 70 people present.

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Help protect elephants and rhinos in 2018

THOUSANDS of elephants died at the hands of poachers in 2017 and many hundreds of (mainly)white rhinos were killed in South Africa. The BORN FREE foundation says "Unless the international community takes urgent action to shut down the global ivory and rhino horn markets.....we will the last generation to see these magnificent animals in the wild" . The trade in "old" ivory which Britain allows is helping to legitimise the worldwide trade in new elephant ivory. Please do all you can to make this known.

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Bristol's Wildlife

There is a wealth of wildlife here in Bristol if you know where to look. The peregrine was taken from a boat - one of the regular ferries which goes from the Arnolfini/Centre to Temple Meads. Having recently joined the Bristol Naturalists Society I hope to see much more of what Bristol has to offer in terms of wildlife. A very good way to see wildlife in the Avon Gorge is to go on one of Ed Druit's wildlife cruises which happen about 3 or 4 times a year - go on to the Bristol Ferry website.

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Patagonian Adventure. April 2016

A trip to Patagonia in March to April 2016 yielded plenty of new encounters and experiences so I frequently make use of the images from that trip during my talk entitled "Encounters with Wildlife". We spent a week at Estancia Ernestina in Peninsula Valdes watching the wildlife on and around the beaches - sea lions, penguins, owls and orcas hunting on the beaches! After this we joined with a Naturetrek group to see wildlife, including Pumas and spectacular scenery in the Torres Del Paine National Park in the very south of Chile.

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Sharing your wildlife photos

WILDSCREEN EXCHANGE is an offshoot of the WILDSCREEN FESTIVAL. You can offer your photos to be used by conservation organisations. Although you do not get paid, the photographer is acknowledged. In addition to Wildscreen Exchange, my photos are also regularly used by the Christian Conservation organisation, A ROCHA, in their magazine ROOT AND BRANCH. Many of my photos also appear in the publications of TLM trading which is the commercial branch of the Leprosy Mission organisation.

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